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Welcome to the Peaceful World of Ghandi

Gandhi's Life
Gandhi's Family
Gandhi's death
Annotated Bibliography
Process Paper

Gandhi's Family


Gandhi had a big family.  He lived in a house with his uncles, aunts, and cousins.  He was always playing tricks on his sisters like putting spiders in their hair.  Gandhi's father worked as their town's diwan.  A diwan was a person who settled problems between people, kind of like a judge nowadays.  Gandhi's mom taught Gandhi a lot of things about the Hindu religion and she took him to the Hindu Temple.  She always visited the poor and the sick people.  Gandhi's mother also fasted for her religion where she would not eat for days and days at a time.  In the year of 1891, Gandhi's mom died months before he had returned home to India from England.  He was very sad.                     
 Gandhi's Mother                        

Standing up for a good cause is wonderful!!

May you live in peace and eat lots of salt.