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Welcome to the Peaceful World of Ghandi

Gandhi's Life
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Gandhi's death
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Timeline of Gandhi's Life




1869 - October 2, Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India


1876 - Gandhi moves with his family to Rajkot, India


1883 - Gandhi gets married at the age of thirteen to Kasturba



1888 - Gandhi sails to England so that he can study law


1891 - Gandhi returns to India and begins to practice law


1893 - Gandhi accepts a job in South Africa


1903 - Gandhi decides to open a law office in Johannesberg,

             South Africa


1906 - Gandhi organizes his first protest against anti-Indian    

             laws in South Africa 


1908 - Gandhi is imprisoned in South Africa


1915 - Gandhi returns to India


1922 - After a big trial, Gandhi is sentenced to six years in jail


1930 - Gandhi has to go to jail for breaking India's Salt Laws


1932 - Gandhi fasts to protest treatment of Untouchables


1934 - He launches the All Indian Village Industries Association


1942 - Gandhi begins the nationwide "Quit India" movement


1944 - Gandhi's wife dies at age seventy-four


1947 - India gets its independence from the British


1948 - On January 30, Gandhi is killed at a prayer meeting in




Standing up for a good cause is wonderful!!

May you live in peace and eat lots of salt.