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Gandhi's death
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Gandhi's death


Gandhi died when he was at a prayer meeting in Delhi.  He was walking up to the top of a platform.  Everyone bowed down to as low as his feet.  He gave everyone a Hindu greeting by putting his hands together.  Then a young man rushed up and pushed over Gandhi's guard.  He ran right up to Gandhi and aimed a pistol at him.  The young man fired three shots at him.  Only seconds later Gandhi was dead!  Everyone was mad.  The young man was sentenced to death.  Gandhi's sons did not want the man to be hung because they knew that if Gandhi was still alive he would have forgiven him.  They did not listen so the man was hung.  It is as Gandhi said,"I cannot intentionally hurt anything that lives, much less human beings, even though they may do the greatest wrong to me." 

When Gandhi died nearly half a million people attended his funeral. Everybody was very sad about his death. Not just the people in India were sad, but the whole world was sad too.  A large military weapon carrier carried his body. Gandhi will never ever be forgotten.

Standing up for a good cause is wonderful!!

May you live in peace and eat lots of salt.