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Welcome to the Peaceful World of Ghandi

Gandhi's Life
Gandhi's Family
Gandhi's death
Annotated Bibliography
Process Paper
Process Paper

Process Paper


           When I was choosing to do my topic I wanted to choose someone that I had heard of before.  Also, I wanted to pick someone who I knew made a big impact in History.  Then, Mahatma Gandhi was on the list.  I thought to myself I have heard this name before.  After I discussed it with my mom I decided to choose Mahatma Gandhi.

After I had chosen my topic I went on to the Internet and found some valuable websites.  One of the websites gave me a useful quote.  Another website also gave me some great pictures.  I also went to some of the local libraries and found five helpful books to use for my project.  One of the books had some more great pictures of Gandhi.  Another book had three great quotes from Mahatma Gandhi.  My best source was the book called Forgiveness: The Story of Mahatma Gandhi  by Mary Logue.  This book was my best source because it gave me three excellent sources.  Most of my information came from websites, books, and quotes.

        I chose to do a website because I have always liked computers and in the fourth grade I had a teacher who used computers a lot in the classroom.  I have also always liked computers too.  If I had an opportunity to work on a computer I would most likely pick that choice.  The first thing I did to create my project was to gather my information by reading the books and looking over the Internet websites.  Next I had to make a layout of how I wanted the website to look.  After that it was just a matter of putting the information together on the website.  I added pictures to my website that I had found on the Internet.  I found most of the pictures for my website on      

        My project relates to the theme of Taking a Stand in History because Gandhi wanted India to be free from the British and he eventually succeeded by using non-violent methods.  Another thing that Gandhi did not like was that the people in India had a system called the Caste System that split people into five groups.  The names of those groups were the priests, warriors, merchants, artisans and untouchables.  The untouchables were the poorest people and no one in India was allowed to talk to them.  Gandhi’s family was in the caste of merchants.  Gandhi did not want or like the system to be like that at all because it made it appear that people were not the same and some were better than others.  Gandhi had great leadership qualities that lead to significant changes in India and that is why he is now known worldwide.  The people in India loved Gandhi because he won India’s independence from the British.

Standing up for a good cause is wonderful!!

May you live in peace and eat lots of salt.