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Welcome to the Peaceful World of Ghandi

Gandhi's Life
Gandhi's Family
Gandhi's death
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Gandhi's Life

Gandhi's Life 

      Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India. The town, Porbandar, is now in the state known as Gujarat.  In 1931, Gandhi was "Man of the Year" in Time magazine and was on the cover.  Gandhi wanted to live life simply.  Gandhi was good friends with England's Prime Minister.  When World War II started the British were sure India was on their side, but the British were wrong.  India was tired of being under British rule.  Now thanks to Gandhi India is a free country and no longer ruled by England. 
       Gandhi was married at the age of thirteen to Kasturba.  In 1893, Gandhi was offered a job in South Africa. He accepted the job and so Gandhi and his wife moved to South Africa.  In 1915 Gandhi decided to return to India.

Standing up for a good cause is wonderful!!

May you live in peace and eat lots of salt.